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Maybe not everybody has heard of Content Management Systems (CMS). This computer software is used for producing, processing and managing any digital content by different users, mostly in a computer network, thus making collaborative work on texts or media data easy.

I use this Weblog as a Knowledge Management System (KMS). Any knowledge I find worthwhile remembering I try to summarize and publish in here. The consciousness, that anybody might be able to read it puts me under the pressure to maximize my efforts to give a good, concise and, if possible, lightly entertaining summary. Another advantage of ordering and publishing my notes here lies in the „comment“ function of a Weblog: Any contribution or correction on the stuff I know is a profit to my wisdom ;-). As well, I build up a small archive of raw material and literature on the stuff I find interesting.

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In the beginning, I am forced to spend my blogging time writing posts on meta subjects such as „how to write posts“ etc. The fairly self-refering character of weest bescheed will cease, as I grow used to the new techniques. Also, I will alter the style of this blog in a complete overhaul, when I am less concerned with my master thesis.

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As from the beginning of this blog I will try writing my posts in english. As, however, my mother tongue is german, I will find some expressions, phrases and words more accurate either in this language or in that. My plans are to publish posts in one idiom or another, but to refrain from mixing both.

Naturally, blogging in english poses a bigger challenge to me, i.e. is more fun. But for the sake of comprehension, not a few posts will be in german (understandably for example those, which comment on german-speaking sites etc). I am curious as to the development of my efforts, as well as what the readers of weest bescheed might think of it.

All posts are filed in a category with the name of language they are written in. So a click on the category „english“ will give you all posts written in english. The same applies, of course, to „german“.

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On this blog, I vow to publish every now and then a summary of something I have learned. The style of my summaries will loosely be following the same standart. Asking the rhetoric question: What do I know about… I start summing up the knowledge available in my brain or my near environment (books, internet, friends…). The task I am setting me is trying to squeeze the concerned information into as small, but still comprehensible portions as possible. I will apply this form also to more subjective posts, such as reviews of films or books. Oh, and the posts ought to be readable as well.

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Thanks to the help of Lorelle I was able to insert the „Oddiophile’s Technorati Tags Bookmarklet“ into my webbrowser and edit it sufficiently. This enables me tagging my posts in a simple and personalized manner – for a really easy lecture on how to do it, see Lorelle’s post. Thus this blog gains two improvements:

  1. The tags below the line is another possibility to structure the content of this blog. With their help, one prompts a direct search of the blog, looking for the respective word.
  2. The tags are picked up by search engines such as technorati and help those, who might be interested in what I write finding their way here.

Usually, on the categories, in which the different posts are arranged serve as tags for the search engines and as a structure to the blog. But as I think that both, categories and tags, serve distinctly different purposes, I rather choose to have both. Otherwise, I would be pressed to violate the categories as tags, subsequently multiplying the number of these and loosing their role as units, which give the blog its overall structure. In comparison, tags relate themes and contents of posts, which are not necessarily of the same kind. Every dumb bot should be able to identify the tags. The categories can be a personal way of structuring content. Tags are the labels on the jars. Categories are the shelfs.

E.g. a humorous post telling a joke involving an accident with spaghettis and a recipe on pasta may both involve spaghettis and therefore need a tag with mentioned ingredient, but as one is a joke and the other a recipe they may be filed under the categories „fun“ and „bon appetite“.

I find the double use of categories as tags and the absence of independent tags the biggest drawback in the otherwise wonderful service of Others who share a similiar opinion are a.o. Lorelle and Abhijit. I’d strongly suggest to implement something like the ultimate tag warriour plugin into the system, as the bookmarklet-solution produces the problem of having to guess or take notes manually, which tags have already been used. Please leave a comment if you think likewise -and if you don’t agree, please tell me why.

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Dieser Raum dient mir als Notizzettel. Alles wissenswerte, das mir unter die Finger kommt und das ich fähig, willens und lustig bin, zusammenzufassen, erhält hier seinen Platz. Schlüssel unter die Fußmatte, Notgeld in die Zuckerdose und los... Ach: weest bescheed ist übrigens Plattdeutsch und bedeutet „Weißt bescheid“.