In the beginning, I am forced to spend my blogging time writing posts on meta subjects such as „how to write posts“ etc. The fairly self-refering character of weest bescheed will cease, as I grow used to the new techniques. Also, I will alter the style of this blog in a complete overhaul, when I […]

Knowledge Management System

Maybe not everybody has heard of Content Management Systems (CMS). This computer software is used for producing, processing and managing any digital content by different users, mostly in a computer network, thus making collaborative work on texts or media data easy. I use this Weblog as a Knowledge Management System (KMS). Any knowledge I find […]

A word on bilingualism

Naturally, blogging in english poses a bigger challenge to me, i.e. is more fun. But for the sake of comprehension, not a few posts will be in german (understandably for example those, which comment on german-speaking sites etc).

What do I know about… Knowabouts

On this blog, I vow to publish every now and then a summary of something I have learned. The style of my summaries will loosely be following the same standart. Asking the rhetoric question: What do I know about… I start summing up the knowledge available in my brain or my near environment (books, internet, […]


I am very sorry, but this place will not be finished before the end of November 2006.